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Do You Want Stress-Free,

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We invest in AgTech - one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

According to FORBES,  the first wave of agtech startups are looking to scale in a sector that has around $3 trillion value at the farm gate, and multiples of that downstream.

Find out how if AgTech is right for your investment portfolio



We offer a unique opportunity to invest in the AgTech sector and enjoy stability and well-above average returns.


Investors purchase speciality "Grow Pods" - self contained indoor micro farms, and lease them back to our ag affiliates. Investors receive regular lease payments on this asset-backed secure investment vehicle.



12% Annual Return on Investment

On our Lease and Rental Programs

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What people are saying

"This is a great investment and the only way I know to earn 12% on my money on an annual basis.

I highly recommend this investment to anyone."

 - Thomas P.

"I use this for my IRA. I get much better returns than anything else I've found."

- Robert M.

"I open my mailbox and there's a check. It makes my day!"

- Irene B.

About us

The GP Capital Management Team has unparalleled experience in the AgTech sector, and can offer a unique combination of hands-on understanding of the industry with seasoned financial expertise, to maximize return potential for our investors.

According to the Financial Times, more money went into funding agricultural technology start-ups last year than the previous two combined, as battle lines were drawn between traditional “big ag” companies and some of the Silicon Valley venture capitalists looking to upend the multibillion-dollar industry. 

Find out if the AgTech sector is right for you.


Our new Oklahoma facility

We have a new facility in Oklahoma with 100 pods in place in a 100,000 sq ft facility!  Take a look!



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