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GP Capital Group Offers Asset and Real Estate Backed 20% Return Investments


With historic downturns in the stock market, many investors are reallocating to asset-backed investments

GP Capital Group, (, a premier provider of low-risk, high-yield investments in the AgTech sector, announced the opening of a new round of investment opportunities for qualified investors.


GP Capital Group allows qualified investors to get out of the unstable stock market, and invest in hard assets in one of the fastest growing sectors in the world.


GP Capital Group provides investors with a unique program that allows them to take advantage of the rapid growth in the new Controlled Environment Micro-Farm (CEM) sector, and enjoy a unique lease back plan that pays up to a 20% annual return. Features:


  • Investment backed by Hard Assets and Real Estate

  • Lease Back Plan that Pays up to a 20% Return

  • Purchase Buy-Back

  • Tax Deductible

  • IRA Qualified

  • Double your investment in as little as 5 years


The GP Capital Management Team has unparalleled experience in the finance and CEM sectors, to maximize return potential for their investors.

Forbes says that AgTech is “A great investment for the future.”


The Wall Street Journal says that Agriculture investments “draw interest in uncertain times,” and “the fact that their returns aren’t correlated to stocks and bonds could make them more attractive.”


Within the United States alone, Agribusiness brings in $3.0 trillion annually in revenue.

GP Capital Group allows qualified investors to get involved in this recession-proof industry through Controlled Environment Micro Farming. These unique automated systems have been shown to grow a variety of foods at a faster rate than other means of agriculture. Its sealed environment can produce robust crops without pesticides, contaminants and harmful additives, and produce “Super Foods” that are better than organic.


GP Capital Group’s unique program pays investors a high rate of return and allows them to take valuable tax deductions specially designated for agriculture equipment and ownership.

This round has a limited number of openings. Interested qualified investors are encouraged to contact GP Capital Group as soon as possible to request a prospectus.


For more information on investing with GP Capital Group, call: (951) 407-9442, or visit:


This is not an offer to buy or sell any security or investment vehicle. Offer made through Prospectus only. Void where prohibited.

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