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The GrowPod™ is a modular, stackable and mobile vertical growing environment specifically engineered to maximize yield and automation.

The insulated shipping container has been specifically modified to provide the optimum controlled environment for growing a wide range of horticultural and agricultural products in all environments and climates – but with a significantly higher yield that is faster, more reliable, and much better for the environment.

automated micro farms
GrowPods™ feature the latest state-of-the-art technology:
  • Insulated Steel Shipping Container

  • State Of The Art Cloud Based Communication Infrastructure

  • Humidity Control System

  • Grow Ready Electrical System

  • HVAC Unit and Air Distribution System

  • Complete Hydroponics System

  • Hi Tech Lighting and Equipment Controls

  • Patented Bipolar Ionization

  • Remote Management

  • Security & Scalability

Investments can be structured as Ownership with Lease-Back Plan and annual returns of up to 20% depending on term length; or company stock, or other personalized investment plans.

Vertical farming
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